Carrickmacosker Photos

We believe that Carrickmacosker was named for our family 400 to 500 years ago. The first Maguire king of Fermanagh was Donn Carragh Maguire, born in 1264 AD. His great-grandson was Oscar, and Oscar’s sons were named “Matha and Seaan macOscair” in the Annals of Ulster. (Matthew and John, Son of Oscar)

 The son of Matthew MacOscair was Maurice “The Great ArchDeacon”, and we believe Carrickmacosker was probably named for Maurice, who died in 1423.

 Also, there is an old map from 1609 that shows CormcCosker in the barony of Clankelly. CormcCosker means McCosker Hill, and could very easily mean the very hill that the farm-house sits on.

We did visit Carrickmacosker. I know we were in the correct location. At first we weren’t sure where it was. Anne and I returned to Lisnaskea and asked several townfolk for help. Finally a man introduced us to a retired county veterinarian Pooler Leeman, who knew Carrickmacosker, and was friendly with the current residents. He brought us there and introduced us to Jayne and Amelia Johnston. They invited us into their home, and we shared tea and a scone (with jelly!) We visited a bit with these wonderful folk, and took a lot of photos.


Left to right - Mr. Pooler, Miss Jayne Johnston, Ken McOsker, and Amelia Johnston


The Johnston farmhouse in Carrickmacosker.



As you look through the photos below, realize that this is some of the finest land in the county.

To have this named after our family is another indication of the importance of the early MacOscair clan.










Anne and Jayne gather a few stones for souvenirs.