Devenish Island

The Maguire family were great benefactors of the early church. Many Maguire men served as Bishops and Deacons.

Maurice MacOscair Mag Uidhir (whom we believe Carrickmacosker to be named after) was called “The Great Archdeacon” in the Annals of Ulster.

This was our first glimpse of the island as the boat approached.


The distinctive Round Tower was probably built in 1157, and is the only tower in Ireland to have a decorated cornice at the base of the cap.

It shows 4 heads, of St. Molaise, St. Patrick, St. Columba, and St. Brigit.


This medieval coffin once formed part of “St Molaise’s Bed”. Sick people would seek a cure by laying in it.


A couple of the tombstones date from the middle ages, and there are several for Maguire and McCusker on the island.


We also received a visit from Saint Molaise himself. He gave a demonstration in Quill Writing.

St. Molaise’s death is recorded in the Annals of Ulster in both the years 563 AD and 570 AD.

He was one of the first missionaries in Fermanagh.