Maguire Castle

We know that McCusker, McCosker, McOsker are a branch of Maguire.

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the 5th Annual Maguire History Weekend at the Maguire Castle located in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh Ireland.  

Their website is


Our first sight of the castle was breathtaking!




Once we arrived inside, we met our hosts for the weekend. Sarah McHugh is Manager - Museum Services Fermanagh County Museum,

Frank McHugh is Secretary of the Fermanagh Family History Society & Professional Genealogist,

and Catherine Scott is the Learning & Access Officer, Fermanagh County Museum.

They are absolutely wonderful hosts. There were a few others, but I failed to capture their names.



Oh yeah, now I remember one more. We were fortunate enough to meet Hugh “The Hospitable” Maguire,

builder of the Castle at Enniskillen in the early 15th century.

Hugh visited with us for a bit about the weapons and clothing that were in style in those days. Since Hugh was a gggg….great-uncle, we listened closely.






We learned that the castle was actually built in several stages. (As are most ancient buildings.)

The castle keep was the first section built, and the darker stones at the lower level are original.

(We do not have many building in the USA remaining from the year 1439!)





As we toured the castle keep, one is struck by the craftsmanship and the thickness of the walls.






This throne would be similar to the one used by Hugh the Hospitable.





After we completed the tour, we were treated to an old fashioned banquet. This is probably where I unlearned to most incorrect “facts” that we all grew up with.

Example – The Maguire feasts were not drunken brawls. They were actually quite refined. We learned that in the day, when a boy reached his 10th birthday he was presented with his first weapon and an etiquette book. He was taught not to blow on his bowl, not to pick his teeth with a knife, etc.

As these feasts used common bowls and cups, cleanliness was necessary. Hands were washed and fingernails inspected prior to eating.

For our menu, we had Irish stew and wheaten bread.

We will be adding a link to what a Maguire Menu may have looked like. 


All in all our tour was fantastic. Next I would meet with Frank McHugh,

and show him our research on the McCusker McCosker McOsker link to the ancient Maguire kings.

We will add the results of this meeting to our website after we tie up a few loose ends.